My Fave Postmodern Jukebox Covers

If you hang out on Social Media as much as I do, you’ve probably come across Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox covers of various popular songs. They feature various musicians and singers who do a “vintage” take on current pop hits, turning them into a totally different songs from the original versions. Some of the covers are quirky and kitschy, others are more serious interpretations. I tend to like their covers best when they are quite different from the original.

Anyway, here are a bunch of my favourite PostModern Jukebox covers. Enjoy!

Get Lucky (Daft Punk) in Irish Tenor Style

Pretty sure this was the first Postmodern Jukebox video I came across and I immeditaely went searching for more of their stuff. This one is hilariously awesome. The can of Guinness totally makes the video.

Thrift Shop (Macklemore) in Vintage “Grandpa Style.”

Okay, I’ll admit I never heard the original until AFTER I saw this version, but I still loved this the first time I saw it. So much fun.

Die Young (Ke$ha) in Wild West Style


Really Don’t Care (Demi Lovato) in a Vintage Motown Style

Soooo much better than the original. The tambourine guy cracks me up every single time.

Pompeii (Bastille) in Mad Men Style

This one didn’t bowl me over at first, but really grew on me. Or maybe I just like anything Mad Men-ish.

Blank Space (Taylor Swift) in Cabaret Style

This one is just mesmerizing. Her voice is fabulous.

All About that Base (Meghan Trainor) in Two Different Styles

Finally, there are two Postmodern Jukebox covers of this song, but I can’t make up my mind which one I like best. The first one is a Jazz Cover – with the singer playing an actual upright bass! She is awesome.

But I also like this one…their European Tour version. Amazing voices, and the bass playing’s fantastic here, too.

Do you have a favourite?



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5 responses to “My Fave Postmodern Jukebox Covers

  1. OMG, how much do I love these? I had never heard of these guys before but they are Awesome with a capital A. How could I pick just one? I think I favour Blank Space, but their version of I Really Don’t Care is so great too, and I also love Thrift Shop – so great! Thanks for sharing :).


  2. HOLY CRAP, these are awesome! I love the Thrift Shop one. Eve howled at the Pompeii one (it’s one of her favourite songs). What a great way to not work on my assignment even more!


  3. I love your layouts! I've got many photos of my parents and families, so if I were to win this, I'd use it for them. Again, your layouts are beSlriful…TFa!Catouaka cyimbugbittenbugbitten at hotmail dot com


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